Charity Work

Charity Work

Charity Work

First of all, Charity work is something that we are not afraid to get involved with. We’ve all heard the age old saying,

Charity begins at home

Its been said that this phase was used as early as 1382 by John Wyclif and reprinted in some book in 1880:

Charite schuld bigyne at hem-self

What does this even mean, there are so many different interpretations of what it means, most believe this means you should only help you and your family, some think in could mean people of your home town or country.

Who Care’s what it means?

Who cares what the true meaning of the phrase is, we don’t. Because we here at Immortal we are happy to do our bit for charities and we are always happy to help where possible. Whether that be a discounted hire or some form of donation, we like to play a part.

There are a number of charities that are close to our hearts, some quite literally. Those of which have helped us directly. Most noteworthy is Ocean Ward at Southampton, PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit), and also Ronald Macdonald House, also at Southampton.

Ocean Ward

Ocean WardThis charity  is run by the parents supporting children with heart conditions and their families that have been or are being treated Set up on Ocean Ward.

Their mission is to provide emotional and financial support to families making use of the facilities on Ocean Ward.

Friends of PICU

freidns-of-picuSet up by parents of children who have been cared for on PICU and nursing staff from the PICU. Friends of PICU aims to support the children and their families by providing vital equipment and services that are not always provided by the statutory authorities.

Friends of PICU contribute to every part of the specialist care. The equipment donated by PICU will help every patient in some form.

Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald house

Ronald McDonald House Southampton has 53 bedrooms to support families with children being treated at Southampton Children’s Hospital and Princess Anne Hospital.

Almost 18,700 Children where admitted to The Southampton Children’s hospital in the last year with around 2400 families having to travel to visit the children. In 2017 Ronald McDonald helped 1150 families stay close to their children while in hospital. In 2018 we were one of these families. So a £25 deposit covers your stay for a period up to 14 days while your child’s in hospital. As a result many parents choose to donate this fee to the charity upon leaving.

Other Charity Work.

One charity that we have recently worked with that deserves a mention is The Abel Foundation in Andover. We attended AbelFest with our Photo Booth on 1st September and everyone had a fab time. There was plenty for the kids to do with a Balloon Race, Hog Roast, a Raffle and much more.

Working with The Abel Foundation was a pleasure and we hope to be of service again in future.

The Abel Foundation

Abel Foundation

Created to aid the sufferers of Mitochondrial Disease. They aim help their families deal with this life threatening disease. Currently there is no cure.

Abel Noakes was the inspiration for founding the charity which is named after him. Born in September 2014, he has been battling this disease all of his young life.

Abel’s parents understand the challenges parents and carers face and set up The Abel Foundation to provide assistance to those dealing with this devastating illness.

Got a Charity Event Coming Up?

Finally, If you have an event coming up and need our help why not get in contact. Always willing to help out we can do our best to help make your event special.

Give us a shout, email: