Celebrating Halloween

Celebrating Halloween Dog

Celebrating Halloween

Celebrating Halloween, this is something very close to our hearts so we thought we'd take a look at Halloween and why its so popular.

Halloween is something that is becoming ever more popular here in the UK. We have been hosting an annual Halloween Bash for 11 years.

In the USA they adopted the celebrations many years before us Brits even gave it a thought. It's estimated $9 Billion each year is spent on Halloween  products in the USA with sweets and decorations being the top two goods being bought.

Halloween, All Hallows Eve, All Saints Eve, or anything else you could call it, seems to be here to stay. Figures from the UK show that in 2001 shoppers only spent £12 million on the annual celebration. In 2018 spending in the UK is estimated to reach almost £420 million. Compare that to the $9.1 billion spent in the USA and we are still a long way behind!


Where does Halloween originate from and what is it?

There are a number of countries that observe the annual Halloween celebrations on 31st October. The eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows' Day. The Samhain festival was an ancient Celtic festival which is where Halloween is believed to have originated. Translated Samhain means 'Summer's end'. The festival would see people light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts.

In the eighth century Pope Gregory III designated November 1st as a time to honor all saints.  Hence the name All Saints Day also known as All Hallows Day. Fast forward a few hundred years and the use of the phrase 'All Hallows Eve' is one that is more commonly refereed to as Halloween.

The Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico also coincides All Saint's day.


Immortal Events Halloween
Immortal Events Halloween Props
1970's Children
1970's Children Dressed for Halloween


It was the American Indians that that brought about the distinctly American version of Halloween. Emerging from this was an era of parties and public events to celebrate the occasion. Consequently in the 1800's there was a move to make Halloween a Public Holiday.

Door to door 'Trick or Treating' is an English and Irish tradition that was adopted by the American's.

Halloween in the USA became an official annual holiday by the 1950's. It appeared to be aimed mainly towards the younger generations.

Big Business in the USA.

The Halloween holiday is certainly big business in the USA. We all know American's love a good excuse to celebrate. With 179 million American's set to celebrate Halloween, it is there second biggest celebration of the year after Christmas. An increase of 8 million people on the year before. Spending is also up from $8.4 billion to $9.1 billion. That's big bucks!

The UK follows suit.

In contrast the UK market still has room for improvement. According to the Metro, a poll by YouGov suggested that 74% of Britons would not be spending money on Halloween in 2013. SO who is?

Millennial's are one of the most active groups who are up for celebrating with 60% of them spending money on the festivities in 2016.

Immortal Halloween

£419 million of sales revenue is estimated in the UK in 2018. This is up almost £100 million on 2017 figures.

Fright Night's

Inevitably with the increased popularity of fright nights and the rise of horror experiences such as the McKamey Manor in San Diego, which is described as one of the most horrific horror houses on the planet, its hardly surprising that Halloween is now big bucks.

Actors scaring members of the public seems to be a very popular attraction which more and more of us seem to be willing to embrace.


Halloween info
Humble Beginings - 2008
Humble Beginings - 2008 Halloween

Our Halloween

For 11 years now we have been celebrating Halloween by throwing a large Halloween party with a scare maze as the main attraction. From Humble beginnings in 2008 which started as a garden party.

Now in 2018 we have celebrated our 11th year. How long will we continue the celebrations? Who know's! in 2017 our 10th annual bash was meant to be our last in order focus our efforts elsewhere.

Is it time to let this ship sail and make way for something new being planned for 2020. Or at least take a year off.

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